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Absolutely. You have the resilience within you to not only survive but thrive during and after divorce. While the process may feel daunting and overwhelming, it's essential to remember that you possess the strength and resilience to overcome these challenges.

By seeking support, prioritizing self-care, and focusing on your personal growth, you can emerge from divorce stronger, wiser, and more empowered than ever before. Together, we can work towards not just surviving, but thriving, as you embrace a new chapter of your life with courage and optimism.

In the early hours of divorce, there was no way you thought you would ever be here. Yet now here you can see how the relationship was deteriorating, what patterns were  established and from what place would you like to address moving forward. 

With the time-tested tools and techniques, in the Flourish Phase, you anchor the ownership of “no matter what I will overcome this.” You now begin to experience the  thoughts of your thinking.  

In Flourish, you understand what “small stuff” is and what is “big stuff”, does this really  need my attention. You navigate with ownership in your now new and exhilarating  landscape of a clean slate. 

What options would you like to consider? You have ideas that might solve the problem and  you are most interested in shifting your mindset to show up for your future best self.  

As your Divorce Coach in the Flourish Phase, we will look at your actions, beliefs,  perceptions, thinking, feelings, and decisions from a unique place of focus: empowerment! 

We will shine light on your strengths to create your future. How you think and how you feel  creates your state of being.  

As we see things in a different way, Flourish is here to sprout new ideas from the blueprint created for the business of divorce. The only place the past exists in is your mind, you are  able to let it go and trust there is something greater. 

"I saw an angel in the stone & carved to set it free" – Michelangelo

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