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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Divorce Coaching?

According to the American Bar Association, divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future based on their particular interests, needs and concerns.

2. Who are Divorce Coaches?

CDC Certified Divorce Coaches are trained professionals who abide by a strict code of standards and ethics to provide confidential help and support to individuals struggling with aspects of divorce. Divorce coaches are trusted thinking partners who back up their clients with strength, support, knowledge, guidance, encouragement, hope, motivation and more.

3. How does Divorce Coaching work?

It all begins with a complimentary discovery session. During this time, the client shares their main concerns, and the Divorce Coach explores with the client how coaching can be an effective and productive means to a successful solution/goal/remedy/outcome. After the discovery session, a client can choose if they would like to proceed with individual coaching sessions or a package of
coaching sessions. Divorce Coaching sessions are interactive, thought provoking and action oriented, so clients gain insight, perspective and action steps for moving forward.

4. When and where do I start?

Sessions can be held in person at the coach’s office or remotely. Divorce Coaches often make themselves available for daytime and evening hours and frequently remain “on call” for their clients.

5. Do I need a Divorce Coach if I already have a lawyer?

While a Lawyer handles the legal aspects of divorce, a Divorce Coach focuses on the emotional and practical challenges. Having both can provide comprehensive support during this difficult time. A
Divorce Coach does not offer legal advice.

6. How can divorce coaching help me?

Divorce coaching can help you manage stress, communicate effectively with your ex-spouse, make informed decisions, rebuild your life post-divorce, and find peace of mind.

7. Is divorce coaching only for individuals going through a divorce?

While divorce coaching primarily supports those going through divorce, it can also benefit individuals

contemplating divorce, those navigating co-parenting challenges, or those seeking post-divorce support.

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